Administrative Skills Enhancement Programme for Local Economers

Administrative Skills Enhancement Programme for Local Economers

The local economers of the province and those directly responsible for financial management in other non-canonical settings  came together for a three days administrative and financial management skill enhan-cement programme in the provincial house, beginning on 27 July, 2017. Practically everyone responsible for this sector was present for the meeting.

Fr Nirmol Gomes, the Provincial in welcoming the participants  mentioned that the gathering is not only for animation but also for being together and celebrating the life of the province. Fr Vincent Mondol, the economer of the province and the brain behind the organization of the progamme while introducing and welcoming the resource person, Fr Santhanraj, former SPCSA Economers’ Network Coordinator, briefly referred to the need for enhancing the financial and account management in each community.  He also ensured that liturgy and moments of prayers  during the days of the meeting were well animated.

A special session was also animated for the first timers in this sector by Fr Vincent in the morning of the first day.

Fr Santhanraj with his wide experience of having worked in different capacities in the province of Tiruchy and also with his expertise in management of finance and administration began the day’s session with the all important area of understanding the employees and  intelligent and practical way of dealing with them in order help them become better performers in their respective roles. In a detailed presentation on accounting he clearly stated that it is not the writing of some numbers but the preparation of a document with utmost care and diligence.   Bulk of the time was spent on budgeting and planning in the context of which he spoke of the EPP as a very important requirement for the preparation of the budget.  Other areas that come under  administration which were touched upon were registered society and its various requirements, banking, and income tax and all aspects connected with it.  In animating the economers, Fr Santhanraj took special care to  present the Salesian spirit of administration.  One outstanding trait of the entire animation was his insistence on the need to have various check-lists which  an economer should use in order to monitor the process of administration.  Before concluding the animation he proposed, among other things, credibility as the unique characteristics of a local economer.

There were other short segments of presentation by the  province auditor, Mr Sanjay Mukherjee, on GST and other related matters by Mr Ravi Agarwal’s office staff, on sponsorship and project matters by Fr K. J. Raphael assisted by Mr Lawrence Gomes.

The last two sessions of the entire animation were by Fr Vincent Mondol who presented the financial status of the province, the construction works that are in progress in the province, the building and maintenance projects that are completed and also the newly initiated projects.  The future ventures that caught the attention of the group were Raiganj Mission, Kandhamal Mission in Orissa, the new wing for the provincial house to care for the elderly and sick confreres and meetings, parish church in Bhattanagar, Parish Church in Malbasey and Kohalpur mission in Nepal.  Before winding up the session he also referred to some important concerns which every community needs to address.