Lazarus Lepcha SDB

SILIIGURI: The students of Don Bosco School (DBS) Siliguri gifted thirteen bicycles on  5 January,  2018   to the needy students of the Sarswatipur tea-estate, a village on the outskirts of the city. The administrator of the school Fr Manoj Jose, on behalf of the students of DBS distributed the bicycles to the students of the tea garden who are in classes 9 to 12.

Fr V. T. Jose, the principal of the DBS said, “This distribution of the bicycles is part of the social outreach programme of our students. Every year we organize school fete and some other programmes to help the needy.”

 “These bicycles are purely a gift of our students. They collected the required amount during the annual fete of the school to buy these bicycles.” said  the Principal.

“I am happy to receive this bicycle for my house is far away from school. Now I needn’t worry about reaching late for my class,” said one of the recipients.

Saraswatipur tea-estate falls within  the district of Jalpaiguri, which is approximately 16 km from Siliguri town.


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