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About us:
The Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) is a congregation founded by St. John Bosco, popularly known as Don (Father) Bosco. It is a modern religious society of priests and brothers, to reach out to poor and needy youth.


We are an international congregation of priests and brothers who work side by side and live out the same Salesian life. Part of our calling is to live in community in order that we may be strengthened and supported by others who share a common vision. We journey together with the young, accompanying them in the various stages of their life.


There are over 15,000 Salesians in the world, working in 133 countries. In India there are 11 provinces with over 2500 Salesians and 337 institutions.


The Salesians of Kolkata Province work in the states of W. Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Orissa. There are over 250 Salesians working in 42 Institutions.



How do I know that I have a vocation ?
  You will know that you have a vocation when you begin to have thoughts about giving your life to God. Besides, you feel a kind of attraction towards the life of a priest or a brother. You have a natural inclination towards living a more religious and God centered life. These are signs of the beginning of vocation.

What do I need to do if I want to join the Salesians?
    You need to complete Cl.10 or Cl.12 level of studies. If you are already through these studies and want to join after   graduation, you are welcome to do so. However, when you join after your schooling you have greater opportunities and possibilities in your formation in seminary.

What kind of studies or training will I have after joining?
     We have different stages of study or training.
       1. Preparatory Stage
            Usually the first year after joining is spent in acquiring proficiency in English. You also get to study Don Bosco and the Salesians a little more. You will be living with young people of your age group from different states and cultures. Thus you learn to live with people of different background. We organize this phase of training at Don Bosco Seminary, Bandel.


      2. Aspirancy:
           Those who join after cl 10 spend two years to complete their cl 12 examination which usually is in an English medium setting. However, there is also the possibility of doing cl. 12 in Bengali medium.
Those who join after cl 12 or graduation will have their preparation to enter the pre novitiate phase of formation, depending on their performance, aptitude, etc… Don Bosco Seminary, Bandel takes care of this training.


      3. Pre-novitiate
          After cl.12 or the aspirancy period you need to spend one year to prepare yourself to enter the novitiate. This period is called pre-novitiate. It is a very intense time of personal study, development, prayer and other activities which help you to build up a good personality. Currently this training is held at Savio Bhavan, Azimganj, Murshidabad with a staff set aside exclusively for this programme.


     4. Novitiate
          Novitiate is the time when you study much more about Salesian religious life and your vocation as a priest or a brother. This one year prepares you to give your life to God and to people. You begin to live religious in the novitiate. At the end of this year, usually on the 24th of May, you make the vows by which you become a Salesian. Our novitiate is at Nazareth Bhavan, in Siliguri. Novitiate is for a period of one year.


      5. Post-Novitiate
          During this phase of training which lasts for three years we study philosophy. In our province, graduate studies are also conducted along with it. Thus at the end of this period you will have completed your graduation and also acquired a certificate in Philosophy. Salesian College, Sonada, Darjeeling takes care of this phase of training. Alternative arrangements are made for science students to pursue their interest in science.


      6. Practical Training / Regency:
          This is the equivalent of internship which usually is the practical application of the skills one has learnt. Thus after the initiation into religious life and having graduated in a secular and ecclesiastical degree you have the opportunity to live with young people and check out your capacity to live your life for God and young people. Usually this phase lasts for two years. You will be assigned to any of the Salesian Institutes within the province for your practical training.


      7. Theology
          The study of theology lasts for four years. In most cases one makes the final vows before beginning the study of theology. This depends on the specialization one may pursue after practical training and also on how one has prepared oneself to take this step. At the end of theology which is pursued in any one of our theologates (Shillong or Bangalore) one gets ordained.


For further information or to join us contact:
The Vocation Director
Salesians of Don Bosco
52A, Radhanath Chowdhury Road
Tengra P.O, Kolkata, 700 015


Mobile No: 8017885680
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