Zonal Level Tri-Monthly Recollection at Savio Bhavan

Zonal Level Tri-Monthly Recollection at Savio Bhavan

15 July, 2017 was a red letter day for Savio Bhavan, Azimganj as thirty Salesians working in Murshidabad-Birbhum-Dumka Zone gathered here for their first Zonal level Tri-monthly Recollection of the year.  Only three Salesians could not be present due to unavoidable circumstances. The recollection began at 9.30 a.m. with adoration and concluded at 3.30 p.m. with Tea. Fr Joseph Pauria, the Vice-Provincial welcomed all the SDBs gathered for the event.

Fr TC Jose SDB animated the group on the  theme, ‘ALREADY BELOVED – how we are gifted by God’. Talking about our roots he said that we do not need the best parents to be happy in life; we just need good enough parents.

He also stated that all of us struggle with our past due to defective loving, poor mirroring, childhood and cultural handicaps, and adults in our lives who did their job poorly. We have to move on in lives and bridge the gap between “First love” (God’s unconditional love) and “Second love” (love we receive from significant others). When we do not experience the ‘first love’ to the required level, we get a wrong picture of our own identity. Some of these are: (i) I am what I do (relevance),  (ii) I am what others speak about me (popularity), and (iii) I am what I have (Power).

There was an hour set aside for sharing of concerns of the zone. However, one hour was not sufficient for the sharing. We cut short the sharing session as the participants had to get back to their communities and get ready for the Sunday mass on the following day. All the participants were extremely happy that they came for this recollection. Fr Nirmol Gomes, the Provincial presided over the Holy Eucharist and guided us during the sharing of concerns.

The pre-novices too were very glad to meet all the Salesians working in this Zone. Several of them said that this interaction with the Salesians working in this missionary zone has strengthened their love for their Salesian vocation. One of the prenovices who hails from a non-Salesian set up exclaimed joyfully: “There was charm in the face of all the Salesians I met today. Each one of them is very happy. I feel lucky that God has brought me here.”